ITALIAN Bienvenue!

This year, we will be learning French using fun and authentic materials (YouTube videos and songs, arias, commercials, fragments of movie dialogues) as well as our textbooks. We will put the emphasis on the problem solving and creative thinking skills. Some of our instructional activities will be derived from different textbooks: Beginner’s French, Latitudes 1, 2, 3. Expo, Barron’s French Verb Book, The Ultimate French.

Beginning French One
Beginning French Two
Beginning French Three
Intermediate French One-jeudi 9 heures, Madison
Intermediate French 4 (jeudi à 12 heures)
Intermediate French Two lundi a' 10 heures
Intermediate French Three Madison HS 7 PM
Advanced French (jeudi à 11 heures)
Advanced French and Conversation
Intermediate French One Basking Ridge 8 PM
Intermediate French Two Basking Ridge 7PM et Environmental Center 10 AM vendredi